Fundación Santillana

Ever since its creation in 1979, the Fundación Santillana, with its wide and varied program of activities, has set the standard for initiatives in the fields of education, culture, journalism and governance by creating spaces for reflection and dialogue, thus consolidating its institutional presence.

The established and solid nature of Grupo Prisa’s communications and publishing media in Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Spanish-speaking countries in the Americas, reinforces the presence of the Foundation across a broadly diverse linguistic, geographical and social region. In Latin America, where the Foundation has headquarters in Bogota, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and Lima, its activities are focused on fostering debate on education, as well as on initiatives that encourage reading and literacy and the use of new ICTs in education.

Foro Industrias culturales

Fundación Santillana Lima

Jornadas sobre políticas educativas

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