Media Capital Group

Media Capital

Media Capital is the largest media and entertainment group in Portugal, with a strong presence in all major media segments and in the production of quality audiovisual material. Its leadership strategy in the production of news, cultural and entertainment content is based on quality, credibility and independence.

In television, the Group operates TVI, the leading TV broadcaster in Portugal and which brings together the television news channel TVI24, plus TVI Ficción, TVI Internacional, TVI Reality and TVI África.

In radio, Media Capital operates one of the most prestigious national radio groups: Media Capital Radio (MCR), which includes the station Radio Comercial, audience leader; M80; Cidade; SmoothFM; VodafoneFM; and the radio website, Cotonete. Meanwhile, the Group also runs the division Media Capital Digital, whose main asset is IOL.

In the field of audiovisual production, Plural Entertainment is one of the largest producers on the Iberian Peninsula, notably in the area of ​​soaps and dramas in Portuguese, and in the field of entertainment in Spanish.

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