Media Capital Radios

The radio formats developed by Media Capital Radio (MCR) are notable for their professionalism, quality and diversity. In 2015, the Group’s stations together reported an audience share of 34.7%, which represents about three million listeners daily. The lion’s share goes to Radio Commercial, which ended the year boasting a share of 24.1%. With a 6.1% share, M80 is the leading radio station among those without national coverage, while Cidade – a hit with young generations – had a 2.9% share. Meanwhile, Smooth FM, the blues and jazz station, had a share of 1% (Source: Marktest).

MCR maintains a policy of diversification of its commercial radio offer, with creative solutions that enable each of its brands to engage regularly with the public through various platforms and events. MCR stations open up new opportunities and points of engagement and rapport with listeners and followers thanks to the creativity of its media and the strong digital presence of the Group. It is involved with major music events in the country and the organization of top concerts and events.

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