With a clear commitment to innovation aimed at transforming and improving education and learning, R&D&I endeavors to provide the school community, families and young people with the best possible learning, training and reading experiences, by adapting our educational products and services to different methodologies, platforms and devices.

Adaptive learningThe development of tools that enable the customization of educational products to suit each pace and learning style, and which allow real-time monitoring of the performance of each student.

Effective learningMethodologies that contribute to the effectiveness and consolidation of acquired knowledge, with training in basic and cross-curricular skills.

Inevery creaCollaborative spaces where the creativity and innovation of teachers are put at the service of the educational community by using social networks to share experiences and to offer greater visibility to talent in the sector.

Saber y másA semantic website that offers students and teachers more than 150,000 items of educational content as well as a powerful search engine allowing them to find the most appropriate resources for the classroom.

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