Joseph Oughourlian
Chairperson of PRISA

Letter from the chairperson

In the past year, PRISA has taken important steps to integrate sustainability and ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria into the company's strategy. We created the Sustainability Committee, the Board body that oversees implementation in this area, and the Sustainability Department, both led by women. And we launched our first Sustainability Master Plan 2022-2025, which sets out the Group's ESG roadmap and aligns goals and initiatives in this area with business strategy to generate greater value and growth…

…We believe in the transformative power of our activity, and we seek to leave a positive mark with each and every project, projects that respond to real challenges and make our company a benchmark in the sector, as we promote equal opportunities and the progress of a democratic society for all, each and every day. Our commitment is unequivocal.”

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