Commitments and future challenges

From the very beginning, PRISA has championed constant innovation and rigor as the best ways to guarantee the improvement of service to the public across all our products. Indeed, this commitment is our most valuable asset. Indeed, one of the main challenges for the future is to continue holding ourselves to our own exacting standards.

Globalization and the free-market economy have fostered the development of a consumer culture that all too often often relegates to the sidelines the true value of institutions, knowledge and reflection.

Companies such as PRISA are duty bound to offer quality journalism and education, both of which are crucial to the construction of the critical and informed public opinion that is required by future citizens. PRISA, therefore, has to take on the added challenge posed by the environment in which it operates by embracing the necessary transformation of its business model – while holding on to the basic values and principles that set us apart in a world beset by the proliferation of untrustworthy news media, fake news and post truth.

We are committed to our duty of offering news media, education and entertainment that safeguard the future of responsible citizenship and a fairer, more sustainable world.

Challenges of the business units


We will continue to work on expanding audiences and consolidating our position as the leading creator and provider of quality content in Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan, in all formats, and with innovation and new narratives as key goals.
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PRISA Radio intends to maintain and promote the leadership of its brands, continue to innovate in the creation of audio on demand, and increase the audiovisual output of its brands. [ Read + ]


In 2018, Santillana will continue to work on improving all those projects currently underway, and, furthermore, will incorporate new content and services that respond to the educational needs of schools. [ Read + ]


Continuous innovation and the production of content for different platforms, interfaces and devices, continue to be strategic. [ Read + ]

Commited to transparency