PRISA, a great team of professionals

Our responsibility, credibility and prestige are valuable assets which we place at the service of society on a daily basis. That’s why we are committed to a Human Resources Policy that sees human capital as the best way to achieve our business and social objectives.

Working at PRISA means being part of a large, dynamic global company undergoing an exciting process of transformation. There are a wide range of career opportunities across the various companies in all the countries where PRISA operates.

We have programs for identifying and retaining internal talent, in order to ensure that there is a constantly updated pool of professionals that is able to respond to the challenges facing PRISA. We design professional development and career plans based on performance evaluation processes and we promote functional, geographical and business mobility within the Group, which in turn fosters the global culture and vision of PRISA.


If you want to join our team, just access PRISA Jobs, PRISA’s jobs portal. This application allows you to register as a candidate and add your CV to apply for any job offers or internships at our companies.


Your professional profile will be added to Grupo PRISA’s global database, and you can quickly and easily update your profile.

How to Access

To register, simply go to "Leave us your CV" and complete the form by filling out all the required fields.That way we will have all your current professional details. Once registered, you can login through the landing page and directly access and update your resume.

If you registered prior to September 30, 2015, the system will not recognize your old data, so you will need to sign up again to be part of the new PRISA Jobs employment channel.


PRISA has a wide range of internships in the areas of news and information, education, culture and entertainment, providing you with the training and experience you need to grow professionally and personally.

PRISA gives you the opportunity to get to know a company from the inside, where you can start collaborating from day one as part of a professional team. You’ll share your achievements and we’ll help you get the most out of your internship.

We have had a dynamic partnership plan in place for a number of years in Spain: we collaborate with a wide range of public and private academic institutions, and we cooperate through educational agreements with universities, training centers and secondary schools.

As the need arises, internship opportunities are sent out by our HR departments to internship offices at academic institutions, where available openings are publicized and the selection process is managed.

If you are interested in signing an agreement for educational collaboration, please contact the PRISA Department of Human Resources (rrhh@prisags.com). 

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