PRISA, a global company

PRISA is the world’s leading Spanish and Portuguese-language media group in the creation and distribution of content in the fields of culture, education, news and information, and entertainment.

Present in 24 countries, PRISA reaches million people through its global brands El País,LOS40, Santillana, W Radio and As. As market leader in press, TV, both spoken-word and music radio, and education, it is one of the Spanish-speaking world’s largest media groups thanks to its high-quality content and its eagerness to embrace the digital economy through the connectivity and innovation of its products and services. Its presence in Brazil and Portugal, and among the growing Hispanic community in the US, opens up a global market of 700 million people.

PRISA is one of the Spanish-speaking world’s leading media companies, and is at the forefront of communications and education.

With 168 million unique browsers* worldwide, PRISA is at the forefront of communications companies and has a solid strategy of content creation and distribution, offering products and services adapted to users’ changing consumer habits through a wide range of formats, channels and platforms.


* (Source: Adobe Omniture January - December 2019)

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  • 24 Countries
  • 168 million unique browsers

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