Mission, vision and values

PRISA’s mission is “to contribute to the cultural development of people and to the progress of society” and this mission must be shared and defended by all its professionals.

Since the foundation of the newspaper EL PAÍS, the Group has had a clear commitment to society and the defense and dissemination of democratic freedoms among all citizens. This was made clear at the very outset with the adoption of a range of standards governing professional ethics, such as the Editorial Code, the Style Book and the independent status of the Readers’ Editor.

The Editorial Code of EL PAÍS sets out the newspaper’s commitment to independence, rigor and journalistic quality to thereby ensure that a well-informed public is free to make its own decisions, while the Style Book details principles of coherence, ethics and professional humility. Both have been instrumental to EL PAÍS’s success and are reviewed periodically in order to ensure the highest standards across all the Group’s news gathering activity. Likewise, these standards have served as inspiration for the creation of the Style Book of spoken-word journalism adopted by Cadena SER that sets out best practice for radio journalists so that they may exercise effective, rigorous and ethical journalism.

As the world’s leading publishing and educational group in Spanish and Portuguese, PRISA sees education as a key tool for the development of citizens and all those societies where it operates. That’s why, in addition to its commitment to offering quality, innovation and service, the Group has, for many decades, contributed to improving educational practices and has fostered public debate on the future of education and learning systems.


To contribute to the development and progress of people and society by offering quality education and truthful, independent and responsible news and information.


Vision To set the gold standard for journalism and education in Spain, Portugal and Latin America.


Independence, rigor and pluralism in the exercise of our work as news professionals, educators and communicators.

Defense of progress, freedom, democracy, equal rights and opportunities.

Creativity and innovation in business development.

Attentive to the demands and concerns of society and our stakeholders.

Responsible, efficient and sustainable management, which generates value for the shareholder and for society.

People: Everything we do as a Group revolves around people, and we are committed to the management of talent.

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