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Changeover sees new Chair at helm of Santillana


Manuel Mirat steps down after a successful 24-year career at PRISA.

Francisco Cuadrado takes over as the new Executive Chairman of Santillana and is appointed to PRISA’s board as an executive director.

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PRISA’s commitment to digital and robust advertising revenues boost business results in second quarter


Between April and June, the Group's revenues grew by 60.6% to 147.7 million euros, a clear sign of robust recovery. Santillana posted an increase in revenues of 76.4%, while the figure for PRISA Media was 52.6%.

The whole first half of the year saw Group Adjusted EBITDA of 22.9 million euros, in line with the previous year.

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PRISA appoints new group and board secretary and replaces CFO


  • The Board of Directors has accepted the resignation of the Group and Board secretary. Xavier Pujol thus ends an eight-year term with the Group. He’s being replaced by Pablo Jiménez de Parga.
  • David Mesonero will be the new CFO of PRISA, and takes over from Guillermo de Juanes who leaves the company after a nine-year tenure. Mesonero will be overseeing all the corporate financial departments.

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PRISA AGM heralds new era for the Group


  • Shareholders ratify the operational separation of the Group into two divisions (Santillana and PRISA Media) and the appointment of their respective executive chairpersons – Manuel Mirat and Carlos Núñez  – as executive directors of PRISA.
  • Carmen Fernández de Alarcón has been appointed board director representing Vivendi.
  • Rosauro Varo, Javier Santiso and María José Marín Rey-Stolle are ratified as independent directors.
  • The number of board directors is increased from the current 12 to 14.
  • Modifications are approved to the remuneration policy, the company bylaws and the regulations of the Shareholders' Meeting to adapt these to new legal requirements.

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PRISA’s Board of Directors convenes its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders


The Board of Directors of PRISA agreed yesterday to convene the 2021 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on June 29, at 1:00 p.m.

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PRISA partners with Forética to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace


The JOBS 2030: Future of Work project aims to promote people-centered digital transformation.

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