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PRISA closes the third quarter with EBITDA up by 75%, year on year, to reach EUR 121 million


  • Both the media and education businesses enjoyed solid growth. The Group's revenues improved by 16% between January and September
  • Debt is down by 55 million since December 2022

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PRISA's Board appoints Fernando Carrillo and Pilar Gil as Deputy Chairpersons


  • Margarita Garijo-Bettencourt is made a director of the company

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PRISA AGM: Board’s performance is endorsed by an overwhelming 99.87% of shareholders


  • Pilar Gil and Fernando Carrillo proposed as Deputy Chairpersons of the Group.

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PRISA sees first-quarter EBITDA up by 63% to reach EUR 67 million


  • Santillana enjoys subscriptions boost of 11% to reach EUR 2.8 million and EL PAÍS reports a total of 287,000 subscribers, growth of 46% compared to Q1 2022
  • Advertising revenue and market share is up in all markets
  • Net debt is down by EUR 145 million in the first quarter

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PRISA closes 2022 with growth of 15% in revenue and of 38% in EBITDA


  • The Group surpassed all targets set for the year as a whole, thanks chiefly to strong digital growth in both education and the media businesses.
  • 2022 will go down as a key year in the history of PRISA, after the presentation of the Group’s first Strategic Plan to the markets, the launch of the 2022-2025 Sustainability Master Plan and major financial operations focused on reducing debt.
  • The Board of Directors has also approved at its meeting today the appointment of Pilar Gil as a company director

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