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Overwhelming support from SER, LOS40 and Cadena Dial listeners for the charity appeal #KilosDeSolidaridad


Superado ampliamente el millón de kilos de alimentos en la campaña realizada junto a Cruz Roja y Fundación Solidaridad Carrefour

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PRISA Shareholders’ Meeting backs all Board proposals


  •  Javier Monzón, Javier de Jaime and Sonia Dulá are re-elected as independent directors
  • Joseph Oughourlian, Amber Capital (represented by Fernando Martínez), Manuel Polanco and Khalid Thani Abdullah Al Thani are re-elected as proprietary directors
  • The number of directors is reduced from the current 13 to 12 and their term is cut from four to three years

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Javier Moreno to be appointed editor-in-chief EL PAÍS


Soledad Gallego-Díaz will continue her association with the newspaper after her term ends

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