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PRISA shareholders back Board’s performance, with 99.99 percent approving company direction at AGM


  • Margarita Garijo and Sylvia Bigio are ratified as independent and proprietary Board members, respectively
  • Carlos Núñez, Carmen Fernández de Alarcón, María José Marín and Javier Santiso, are re-elected as Board members

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PRISA's EBITDA climbs to EUR 67 million while net income sees first-quarter growth of 267%


  • Excluding the impact of extraordinary items in Q1, revenues grew +1% and EBITDA +11%
  • Santillana's subscriptions approached three million, while EL PAÍS surpassed 366,000 subscribers
  • Debt has fallen by EUR 35 million since December 2023
  • The 100-million-euro convertible notes issue was oversubscribed, whose impact on debt reduction will be seen in the next quarter
  • Moody's and S&P upgrade PRISA's rating, recognizing the company's solid performance and debt reduction

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Moody's upgrades PRISA's rating, citing "robust" operating performance over the past three years and the Group’s efforts to reduce debt


  • The agency has lauded the improvement in governance in recent years and a "more conservative financial policy than in the past".
  • The rating firm believes that PRISA "will continue to show solid operating performance over the next 12 to 18 months".

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PRISA closes the third quarter with EBITDA up by 75%, year on year, to reach EUR 121 million


  • Both the media and education businesses enjoyed solid growth. The Group's revenues improved by 16% between January and September
  • Debt is down by 55 million since December 2022

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PRISA's Board appoints Fernando Carrillo and Pilar Gil as Deputy Chairpersons


  • Margarita Garijo-Bettencourt is made a director of the company

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