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Fran Llorente is named PRISA Media’s Head of Video


PRISA Media continues to forge ahead with its strategy of digital transformation and the development of new formats with the creation of its new Video division – to be headed by Fran Llorente. The Video division will bring together under one umbrella all those resources that were till now scattered across the Group’s different news titles. Llorente, who will join the organization in the coming weeks, will work in coordination with the editorial directors of the different media, both press and radio, towards the development and expansion of new video content. He’ll also be focusing on ensuring the profitability of all content generated by PRISA's news titles on audiovisual platforms.

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PRISA Media and the Google News Initiative join forces to drive the digital transformation of marketing campaigns


  • PRISA Media develops REVEAL, a project that seeks to enhance interaction with audiences through AI and big data for a more personalized experience.
  • The resulting click-through rate (CTR) of advertising campaigns is up by 111%.
  • PRISA Media has embarked on an ambitious digital transformation strategy that is committed to innovative solutions and products, while expanding its reach globally.

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PRISA launches the campaign 'Leave a good mark'


  • The Group reaffirms its commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • The initiative promotes individual measures aimed at improving the present and future of people and the planet.

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Luis Baena is appointed Chief Marketing Officer at PRISA Media


PRISA Media has named Luis Baena as its new Chief Marketing Officer. The appointment reinforces PRISA Media's digital transformation strategy, which is structured around seven transversal platforms all focused on maximizing the value of content and audiences.

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PRISA Media presents its new organizational structure


  • The group is working toward more agile, collaborative and efficient management, based on synergies between its brands. Digital transformation is a priority for the company’s roadmap

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PRISA Media debuts in Colombia, setting records as audiences grow


In June, PRISA’s AGM greenlighted the merger of the group’s News and Radio divisions to create PRISA Media, which brings together all the group’s media operations.

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