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PRISA sees first-quarter EBITDA up by 63% to reach EUR 67 million


  • Santillana enjoys subscriptions boost of 11% to reach EUR 2.8 million and EL PAÍS reports a total of 287,000 subscribers, growth of 46% compared to Q1 2022
  • Advertising revenue and market share is up in all markets
  • Net debt is down by EUR 145 million in the first quarter

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PRISA closes 2022 with growth of 15% in revenue and of 38% in EBITDA


  • The Group surpassed all targets set for the year as a whole, thanks chiefly to strong digital growth in both education and the media businesses.
  • 2022 will go down as a key year in the history of PRISA, after the presentation of the Group’s first Strategic Plan to the markets, the launch of the 2022-2025 Sustainability Master Plan and major financial operations focused on reducing debt.
  • The Board of Directors has also approved at its meeting today the appointment of Pilar Gil as a company director

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Pilar Gil, new director


The Group's Board of Directors has agreed at its meeting today, following a favorable report from the Appointments, Remuneration and Corporate Governance Committee (ARCGC), to co-opt Pilar Gil as an executive director to fill the vacancy left by Khalid Thani Abdullah Al Thani, after he informed the company of his resignation from the Board of Directors due to his current professional commitments. Pilar Gil will also form part of the Executive Committee.

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PRISA redoubles its commitment to sustainability with its 2022-2025 Master Plan


  • The plan links its ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) commitments with the company's business strategy to generate greater value and growth opportunities.
  • It is focused on three key commitments: the real and positive impact on people through education (Santillana) and news (Prisa Media); responsible management of employees, supply chain and the environment; and committed and transparent governance.
  • PRISA thus reaffirms its commitment to sustainable development as a driver of social and climate transformation, and to continue promoting equal opportunities and the progress of a democratic society.

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More than 250,000 subscribers are testament to the success of EL PAÍS’s formula of quality journalism


  • The newspaper hits the milestone figure just two and a half years after the roll-out of its paywall model, with the subscription base growing much faster than at many major  international titles.
  • The goal is to surpass the figure of 450,000 subscribers by 2025, with growthdriven by the newspaper's reputation for rigor, transparency and a clear commitment to digital.

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PRISA reports 21% revenue growth and 80% jump in EBITDA in first three quarters


  • The Group maintains growth trend fueled by the operating improvement of its businesses and driven by an increase in digital subscribers and advertising diversification.
  • Digital revenue grew 30% to account for 34% of the total.
  • Santillana now has 2.6 million subscriptions to its Ed Tech models, an increase of 32% so far this year.
  • By the end of September, EL PAÍS had a total of 243,490 subscribers, of whom 204,046 were exclusively digital (+68% compared to September 2021).

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