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Eureka, an initiative for the creation of learning material from publisher Santillana


With traditional learning undergoing far-reaching change as many teachers opt to create their own classroom material instead of resorting to ready-made material, publishing house Santillana has responded by offering educators an alternative.

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What does every student have in common?


Talent. 100 percent of students have talent. That’s the statistic and the idea behind the Santillana campaign, "Awaken their potential", which takes the form of a web space aimed at nurturing student talent.

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Creativity – and a passion for a new ways of learning


Santillana, with its Compartir and UNOi projects, is at the forefront of the digital transformation that’s sweeping Latin American classrooms, personalizing the talent and abilities of each and every student.

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Vicente Jiménez is appointed editor-in-chief of AS


Outgoing editor Alfredo Relaño will maintain close ties to PRISA and stay on as honorary president of the sports newspaper

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