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Spain’s Finance Minister, María Jesús Montero, addresses the Cinco Días Forum


The minister estimates that returning four years of mortgage-related tax would cost the regions EUR 5 billion

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Andreas Schleicher answers questions from teachers, students and families


In an increasinglydigitalized and automated world, our imagination, our awareness and our sense of responsibility will need to be able to take advantage of new opportunities if we are to make a better world.

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Primary school students can now access SANTILLANA content through Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant


'Little geniuses' allows students to revise science lessons with a quick quiz.

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The Retina LTD forum puts people at the center of digital disruption


The event, organized by EL PAÍS, brought together those leading digitalization at a range of large companies to explore the trends and challenges ahead

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EL PAÍS journalist Rubén Amón wins the Francisco Cerecedo journalism award


The journalist hopes "he's worthy" of the award, a byword for honesty and integrity".

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Cinco Días Forum debates the future of transport


Cabify: "It's a mistake to talk about war with the taxi sector”

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