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Mujeres protagonistas (Women protagonists) – we’ve plenty to tell


Santillana Spain is to launch this innovative project that offers a thorough overview of the leading role played by women in the development of knowledge

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Fostering the talent of 1,700 teachers


The event Grandes Profes! (Great teachers) honors the efforts of education professionals.

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Andreas Schleicher answers questions from teachers, students and families


In an increasinglydigitalized and automated world, our imagination, our awareness and our sense of responsibility will need to be able to take advantage of new opportunities if we are to make a better world.

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Primary school students can now access SANTILLANA content through Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant


'Little geniuses' allows students to revise science lessons with a quick quiz.

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Festival celebrates reading in new formats


Valladolid hosts the second annual Ibero-American Festival of Children’s and Youth Literature, at an event attended by digital natives

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Formentor Literary Conversations: The spirit of literature


"The event in Formentor is a model of how to foster culture with sensitivity, love and excellent results"

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