Andreas Schleicher answers questions from teachers, students and families


With his latest book World Class: How to Build a 21st-Century School System, published by the Santillana Foundation, Andreas Schleicherprovides a global overview of what successful educational systems are doing around the world.

The Division Head and coordinator of the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and the OECD Indicators of Education Systems programme, Andreas Schleicher, spoke about his career with journalists Berna González Harbour and Jesús Cintora and then took questions from teachers, students and families at the Espacio Fundación Telefónica.

"People in Spain know that education is very important, that it t is crucial for the future. And that it is very valuable capital,” he said. Collaboration between equals, said Schleicher, is the best way to ensure that teaching meets the demands of the 21st century. He also said that the learning environment needs to be improved – instead of simply adding teaching hours.

Teachers will need to play a key role in educational reforms. "We use 21st century technology with 20th-century methods and it's a disastrous mix. We have to use technology to change the way we teach as well as how teachers connect with each other. We should teach less but with greater depth. That is one of the challenges of education,” continued Schleicher.

To help schools achieve this goal Schleicher’s book  World Class: How to Build a 21st-Century School System gives practical examples of educational improvements from which we can learn.

This event was interpreted in Spanish sign language (LSE) and was made available via streaming on this website and on networks with the hashtag #EscuelaDeCalidad.

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