Mujeres protagonistas (Women protagonists) – we’ve plenty to tell


The world we live in and our knowledge of it is built by both women and men. However, for centuries we have heard only of the contributions made by men – and as told by men. But our changing society – and a new social awareness – means that it has become increasingly urgent to tell the story of what women have done – as well as when and how. It’s time to tell the story of the achievements, successes and victories of women. SANTILLANA is therefore proud to present Mujeres protagonistas (Women protagonists), an editorial project with a clear objective: to document, make visible, vindicate and value the contributions of women to the history of knowledge and the construction of our world.

3 areas of action:

The role of women: a collection of books that analyzes the role of women in different fields of knowledge (science, cinema, history, politics, sports, music, and much, much more). The collection will boast more than 30 titles – with the first ten already published. What sets these timely books apart is not the mere fact that they are the biographies of prominent women, but, also, that each author explores the context of these women’s important achievements. In short, each title – written by acknowledged female writers in their respective fields – seeks to understand of the role of women and how they played this role in their all too real worlds.

Women's lives: a comprehensive online database of prominent women with biographies, image galleries and anthologies of texts that give a deep insight into how these women lived, what they thought, how they worked and what they created. Here are women of all eras and from all over the world. The database is open, plural and constantly updated with information on women's contributions to knowledge and is probably the most complete one available in Spanish: the portal currently hosts approximately 250 biographical entries  – and a further 800 are in the pipeline

Women’s voices: an online space that hosts websites, blogs, forums, channels… where women can speak in their own voices.

The project was presented last Tuesday at the Espacio Fundación Telefónica. Special guests joined journalist Marta González Novo in conversation and included Pilar Aguilar (film), Isabel Gómez-Acebo (religion), Ana López-Navajas (education), Francisca Puertas (science) and Paloma del Río (sport ). All of them talked with the journalist Marta González Novo.

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