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40 Principales holds a panel discussion on gender violence and cyberbullying among adolescents


The music station 40 Principaleshas hosted, in the CaixaForum auditorium, a panel discussion on gender violence and cyberbullying among teenagers, who are one of the most important segments among listeners of this radio station. This initiative aims to contribute to the fight against all forms of violence or abuse that violate the values ​​of respect and tolerance that are crucial for building a better society.

During the event, the  Fundación ANAR presented data from its Gender Violence Helpline Report 2014.  Some of the data published in this report pertain to calls that have been received on the 016 number, run by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, and which are passed on to the ANAR Helpline in cases of gender violence involving minors.

The report shows that, compared to 2013, the number of cases of gender-motivated violence increased by 24.4% and, that of a total of 1,920 calls involving gender violence, 1,642 of these were from a child who was concerned about existing gender violence in their families. In the rest, the minor was a teenager who was a victim of gender violence by their partner or ex-partner. The largest number of calls  – 62.6% – were from individuals aged between 16 and 17, but it is noteworthy that 16.5% involved minors of between 13 and 14. In 67.6% of the cases, the perpetrator was the victim’s current partner, while in 30.9% of calls, the perpetrator was a former partner; in 48.2% of cases the offender is over 18. Of particular note is the high percentage of cases, 65.5%, where violence is also perpetrated through new technologies.

Participants at the event included Elena Palacios, head of the Department of Monitoring and Control of Violence in the Family; Leticia Mata, director of ANAR Helpline; Luis Hidalgo, head of Institutional Relations at the National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE); Carlos Fernández Guerra, community manager for the National Police; and Xavi Martínez, 40 Principales presenter. The panel discussion was chaired by Aimar Bretos, Cadena SER journalist .

Xavi Martinez explained that "40 Principales, as a leading broadcaster with a large group of listeners in this age range, has an enormous responsibility in this regard. As a communications medium and major player in society, 40 Principales actively contributes to building a better society by spreading and raising awareness among young people ". Meanwhile, Leticia Mata thanked 40 Principales for its support in raising awareness about the issue and described the procedure at the ANAR Helpline when they receive a call of this nature. Elena Palacios also said that the holding an event such as this one "is to collaborate in the fight against gender violence" and she emphasized that "gender-based violence against women is a problem that concerns all of us."

Regarding the increase in this type of violence and cyberbullying through social networks, Luis Hidalgo, insisted that "it is crucial that people value ​​their digital identity and that they are careful with the information they upload to the Internet. We have to raise awareness and educate in this area." Likewise, Carlos Fernández, addressing the young people present, said that "you have to demand respect for your privacy and you have to respect the privacy of others; we were warned years ago that you could become a victim; but we now need to be warned that if you do not respect others, you may be committing a crime."

Part of the proceeds from the Primavera Pop Festival will go to the ANAR Foundation to help children and adolescents who suffer cyberbullying, gender violence and other such problems. Through its hotline (900 20 20 10), the ANAR Foundation offers psychological, social and legal assistance.

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