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PRISA Radio and UNESCO team up for World Radio Day


PRISA Radio and UNESCO have teamed up to guarantee that new generations have a voice through the medium of radio, and where they can safely and confidently express themselves. According to  UNESCO data, radio is the world’s most accessible medium, especially among the most disadvantaged communities. In the past two years, 65 radio journalists have been killed, with nearly half of them under the age of 30 (data available at

PRISA Radio's collaboration with UNESCO is part of the agreement that was signed by the Director General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, and PRISA Executive Chairman Juan Luis Cebrián,  and foresees joint initiatives to promote freedom of expression, the safety of journalists, gender equality in the media, and to improve education in Latin America.

PRISA Radio supported the one-day event with a range of initiatives aimed at listeners and users in the twelve countries in which PRISA Radio operates through more than 1,250 stations, reaching more than 28 million people around the world. publishes a special section with a video featuring Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director General

In the special section published, users were given access to the content of programs, news and information on World Radio Day, and videos of the wide range of personalities who have spoken about radio, including the Director General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova.

Leading figures from the worlds of culture and journalism share their experiences in radio

Filmmaker and journalist, David Trueba; presenter and actress, Ana Morgade; singer Mario Vaquerizo; Olympic medalist Pedro García Aguado; comedian Juanra Bonet; the actress, Llum Barrera; the journalist Samanta Villar; the actor, Carlos Areces; the musician Leiva; the journalist Ana Pastor; the comedian Luis Piedrahita; psychological, Rocío Ramos 'Supernanny'; and the comedian David Broncano, explained on different video clips what radio means for them. The videos are available on the websites of PRISA Radio stations in Spain:,,,, and

In addition, some of the presenters from PRISA Radio stations in Argentina (Fernando Bravo and Juani Martínez), Chile (Eduardo Fuentes, Pablo Aguilera, Renata Ruiz, Rumpy, Sergio “Pirincho” Cárcamo y Jean-Philippe Cretton), Colombia  (Darío Arizmendi, Gustavo Gómez, Vicente  Moros, John “Tato” Cepeda, Tata Solarte y Sebastián “Tato” Ramírez), Spain (Iñaki Gabilondo and Xavi Martínez) and Mexico (Martha Debayle and Facundo Gómez) provided video messages about World Radio Day on the UNESCO website.

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