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Santillana Activa is launched, a collection of titles that’s set to be key to understanding the learning revolution in the classroom


Santillana Activa

The Santillana Activa collection has been developed to address the new technological and methodological revolution sweeping through the classroom at a time of profound educational changes – and where the role of teachers and students has radically changed. The role of emotions in learning, working on projects, training intelligences, the benefits of cooperative learning and the coaching work provided by teachers today are just some of the topics addressed in this collection.

The collection is part of Santillana’s commitment to improving education and supporting the work of teachers. The books take a practical and direct approach and offer ideas that can easily be adapted to the classroom. Each title comes complete withillustrations, plans, highlights and spaces for the teacher to make notes.

The titles are result of work by pedagogues, psychologists and active teachers, all with ample experience in their professional fields, ensuring these these books are of indisputable value.

Teachers will discover new methodologies as well as innovative experiences in good educational practice as well as new teaching and learning processes.

The six titles that make up the Santillana Activa collection are:

EducaEMOción. The school of the heart
Author: Antonio Rodríguez

Releasing the mammoth: Coaching for educational transformation
Author: Elena O'Callaghan i Duch

Cooperative learning: From theory to practice
Author: María José Díaz-Aguado

Project work: A path for active learning
Author: Mar Martín Murga

Intelligence that learns: Theory of executive intelligence
Authors: José Antonio Marina and Carmen Pellicer

Educating generation 3.0: Early Childhood Education in the 21st century
Author: Alma Gil Navas

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