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Santillana and AMÁS Fácil promote access to reading for all


Grupo AMÁS and Santillana have signed an agreement to promote an initiative that enables greater access to literature for people with reading or comprehension difficulties. This large group, comprising almost 30% of the population (people with cognitive disabilities, immigrants, the elderly, those with aphasia, the deaf, the blind ...), requires specific materials if they are to enjoy and exercise the right to information. Thanks to this partnership, both organizations will promote access to reading and will publish literary works specially adapted, both visually and conceptually in line with European standards in this area.

Grupo AMÁS, and more specifically its specialized team Amás Fácil, gives a training course at the CEMU (City Boys School, Madrid) aimed at persons with reading difficulties. Their experience will form the core of a new title to be published by Santillana soon. The author and editorial team also participated in these training sessions, which have the support of DILOFÁCIL, a project specialized in creating accessible texts for all people.

Grupo AMÁS’s team for the Adaptation and Validation of Texts for Access to Reading was set up in March and is made up of professionals and people with disabilities. They have received specific training to help these groups with reading and they provide other services for the group FEAPS (Spanish Confederation of Organisations for Persons with Cognitive Disability) in Madrid.

Meanwhile, Santillana considers reading as a transversal and interactive skill that serves as the basis for learning in all areas of knowledge. That’s why the publisher, with its broad catalogue of literary and educational titles, seeks to strengthen students' abilities to understand, analyze , interpret and correctly evaluate different types of texts.

More information about the project in this video:

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