Aprendemos juntos (Let’s learn together). An education project that improves lives


SANTILLANA has teamed up with El País for the BBVA project Aprendemos Juntos (Let’s learn together), an educational program that seeks to develop innovation, creativity and talent, and improve the quality of people's lives. The project was launched last January with El País offering videos featuring national and international education experts and aimed at fostering and promoting a conversation about education. The project now enters a new stage  – called "challenges" – in which Santillana is set to play a greater role, as the company works together with schools.

This new phase, which starts today, sees the launch of the website This features a range of different challenges aimed at the educational community and is geared towards helping them teach basic skills for 21st century living, such as public speaking, teamwork, encouraging creativity, helping the community, and so on. The site also offers easily accessible and free content, tools, dynamic experiences and engaging activities, so that children and young people, with the support of their teachers, can enjoy practical and effective learning experiences. The challenges seek to promote the active participation of schools, which can share their experiences and benefit from new ways of doing things, as well  as students, teachers and parents who also want to improve these skills.

The portal offers short and clear video lessons, downloadable files for the classroom, ideas and tips, and practical exercises to learn while playing.

The first challenge to be activated, aimed at Primary and early Secondary school students, is called Much More Than Talking, a fun method to teach children and young people to speak in public, overcome shyness, express themselves clearly and simply, organize their ideas, and gain self-confidence. This first challenge develops a fundamental skill for real life, and one that many students fail to acquire.

What do teachers have to do?

Simply register to access all the content and resources offered by the platform, which can then be put into practice in the classroom.

When does each challenge end?
Registered teachers can access the challenges and all the content at any time. Throughout the year, new challenges will be activated, but the previous ones will remain available to users on the website to be used or downloaded whenever they wish.

Aprendemos Juntos is a project geared towards sharing knowledge, fostering talent, promoting education, and integrating skills. A platform open to teachers, students, families and, in general, anyone interested in improving society through education.

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