Canal + wins the prize for best company advertiser at the 2010 Publifestival


Canal+ has been awarded first prize in the category for Best Company Advertiser at the Fourth Annual Publifestival, the International Festival for Socially Aware Advertising, for its campaign "Armas para salvar el planeta" (Arms to save the planet).

In line with its commitment to sustainable development, the channel has organized a campaign around the idea "We are still in time," aimed at seeking solutions to combat the deterioration of the planet.

"Armas para salvar el planeta" is comprised of four pieces that explain how the essential tools to combat climate change are within easy reach. It is still possible to effectively address the problem with small efforts and by changing some habits. Examples include the use of bicycles or encouraging the presence of bees in our gardens and forests.

The script for "Armas para salvar el planeta"  is the work of Bruno Bernard, a member of the channel's self-promotion team. For the graphic development of the campaign, the team collaborated with the famous Barcelona design studio, 3ermundo, as well as the brand and communication consultancy agency Nadie. The creative think tank, headed by Quico Vidal. Together they came up with a great overall concept, aimed at bringing together diverse creative approaches: "Against climate change, be an 'ecoist'. Today for yourself, tomorrow for yourself."

Source: Sogecable

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