The ÑH awards pay tribute to EL PAÍS design with 17 prizes


EL PAÍS has been honored with 17 prizes at the ÑH awards. The awards, which pay tribute to outstanding work in news design in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, this year recognized EL PAÍS_LAB and Verne, as well as work in El País Semanal, Babelia and the illustrator Agustín Sciamarella.

Aniversario de mayo del 68 (The Anniversary of May ‘68) created by EL PAÍS_LAB, won the Gold Medal in the Multimedia News Coverage category as well as a special mention from the jury. This interactive feature was coordinated by the journalist Patricia Gosálvez and the director of Art and Design at EL PAÍS, Fernando Hernández. It allows the reader to navigate through those revolutionary days, discover more about the key players and hear the sounds of the protests. Hernandez acknowledged that it has been "a very intense year, working hand-in-hand with the newsroom of the recently created the Lab team,” but that “these kinds of awards reward the hours of work invested in a continuous quest for new formats and narratives that get the most out of content as we strive to reach the largest possible number of readers.”

El País Semanal, whose design team is headed by Diego Areso, this year took home eight ÑH awards across a range of categories. In the Inside Pages category the section won a Silver and a Bronze for, respectively, Microcréditos: el pequeño gran cambio (Microcredits: the small big change) and Objective Europe; in Section Design, Pleasures. The object won Silver; in the Photography / Reports category, Silver and Bronze went to the reports  Estrés: la gran epidemia (Stress: the great epidemic) and Cascos azules: en tierra de nadie (Blue Helmets: in no man's land); in Photography / Portfolio, there was a Silver medal for Summer Storms and a selection of images and interviews with a range of authors; in the Illustration / Portfolio category the Silver went to Señor Salme, for his work for the Psychology section.

The ÑH Awards, organized by the Spanish Chapter of the Society for News Design (SND-E) and the SND South America, also honored Verne's multimedia special 28 Days, 28 stories to break taboos surrounding the periodwith the Bronze medal, as well as Resumen del año 2017 (Summary of the year 2017) (Silver), which brings users the most-read news of the year, shows them all alert activity from the EL PAÍS app, offers games on recognizing fake news and looks back at all the big names we lost over the course of the year. Also taking home prizes in the Special Design category were Eduardo Arroyo con EL PAÍS en Arco (Eduardo Arroyo with EL PAÍS at Arco) (Bronze) and Fortuny. El mosaico de un genio (Fortuny. The mosaic of a genius) (Bronze).

The illustrator Agustín Sciamarella won a Silver medal in the Illustration / Portfolio category, while Babelia took home a Bronze in the Regular Supplements category for Guadalajara Book Fair. Finally, New game: ¿te imaginas no tener papeles? (New game: Imagine being undocumented?) a gamified article that is part of the special The New Arrival, won the Bronze medal in the Participation category.

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