Media Capital announces results for the 3rd quarter 2014


  • Media Capital’s net income grew by 33% over 9M13 figures, reaching € 7.3 million


  • Media Capital’s first nine months 2014 EBITDA improved by 5% to € 23.8 million, with a corresponding margin of 18.5%. This performance was chiefly achieved through an increase of advertising, together with decreasing operating costs.


  • The Group estimates to have outperformed the market in what advertising is concerned, as the consolidated advertising revenues went up by 14%, whereas the market grew by approximately 12%.


  • TVI kept the leadership in TV audiences, with an average share of 23.4% and 26.6% in all day and prime time respectively. The positive gap over the second most watched channel was 4.2pp in all day and 3.0pp in prime time, which compares with 2.8pp and 0.5pp in the same period of last year. TVI leadership was also maintained when analyzing groups of channels, with 25.5% in all day and 28.2% in prime time, i.e. respectively 2.9pp and 1.7pp above the second largest group of channels.


  • On financial grounds, the TV segment posted an EBITDA of € 19.7 million and a margin of 18.7%, with advertising going up by 15%.


  • The Audiovisual Production segment had a substantial improvement of its profitability, with an EBITDA of € 0.5 million (vs. € -2.8 million in 9M13), following the conclusion of restructuring that was initiated in 2013.


  • The Radio’s EBITDA was € 2.8 million until September (improving 45% YoY), which corresponds to a margin of 24.1%. In the latest audience data available for 2014, Rádio Comercial improved its status as #1 radio station, whereas the MCR’s aggregate group of radios had its best audience share ever (35.4%).


  • In Digital, the innovation achieved in solutions and contents were paramount in allowing this area to have a relevant boost of advertising revenues and to improve its net positive contribution to the Group’s EBITDA

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