Sylvia Bigio joins the Board of PRISA


  • The Board of Directors of PRISA, meeting today in Madrid, has approved the appointment of Sylvia Bigio as a proprietary director representing Amber Capital, following a favorable report from the Appointments, Remuneration and Corporate Governance Committee.

Sylvia Bigio, a dual Peruvian-US citizen, is an expert analyst and portfolio manager specializing in the world of Latin American companies and finance. With an academic background at the universities of Georgetown and Maryland, she has spent much of her wide and varied professional career in New York, where she’s worked with major financial firms and funds such as Goldman Sachs, The Rohatyn Group and Itaú. Since 2012, she has worked at the New York office of Itaú Asset Management, one of the world's largest funds focused on investment in Latin America. The incorporation of Bigio to the Board represents a new step forward in PRISA's strategy to make Latin America key to the Group as a whole.

What’s more, thanks to this latest appointment, PRISA's Board now a majority of female members (eight out of a total of 15), which clearly goes above and beyond the standards recommended by Codes of Good Governance in this area.

The appointment of Sylvia Bigio fills the vacancy on the Board of Directors following the recent death of Miguel Barroso. The Board of PRISA has today reiterated its deep sorrow at the death of Miguel Barroso and expressed its gratitude for his work and contributions to the Group.

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