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[ES][ME] As AméricaWith its new American website ( / america), the sports daily AS is set to bring the best of Spanish sport to more than 460 million Spanish speakers in Latin America. With this latest move, AS aims to bring Spanish sport to the world, and, according to the editor-in-chief, Alfredo Relaño, will allow viewers outside Spain to feel all the excitement of the Spanish League: "Just as in Spain few years ago, we expectantly awaited NBA matches between Celtics and Lakers, something similar is now happening in the Americas where there is growing interest in Madrid and Barça. And our launch coincides this week with two Madrid-Barça games and with the Champions League next week. And, just as El País was the newspaper that best summed up the democratic transition in Spain, our hope is that AS can explain to the world all the ins and outs of the Madrid-Barça rivalry that dates back 110 years. "

One of the most important services offered by to Latin American users is the video broadcast of highlights from Liga and Copa del Rey matches. Through its partnership with other Latin American media, AS will have a presence in the digital pages of El Universal in Ecuador, El Tiempo in Colombia, Mexico's Televisa, Meridiano in Venezuela, the Dominican Republic’s El Caribe, Cancha Llena in  Argentina and Líbero in Peru, whose joint audience exceeds more than five million users. AS partners will also have a space on the AS America website, which will be adapted to each country. Athletes and sportspeople from all countries involved in the partnership will also have a prominent space on the AS America website.

AS America can also be followed on Twitter: @AS_America

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