The odyssey of our new Europeans


EL PAÍS, The Guardian, Le Monde, Spiegel Online have partnered to launch the New Arrivals initiative, a project coordinated by the European Journalism Centre and sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The New Arrivals project will look at immigration throughout Europe from a wide range of perspectives and through the eyes of the immigrants themselves, as the issue becomes a major item on the political agenda and as xenophobic parties see their support rise.

Each of the partner newspapers will follow the lives of refugees over the course of 500 days (an Afghan boy and his father in the UK, a Syrian family arriving in Germany, a family of Sudanese who, after failing to find refuge in Israel, arrived in France with UNHCR help, and six young people who play in a soccer club in Jerez). Together, the newspapers will see how these new Europeans adapt to their new lives.

All four newspapers will translate and share their reports on the migrants’ new lives. All content is available at #thenewarrivals.

The series of reports seeks to understand a phenomenon that has transformed Spain over the last two decades, an issue that is shaping European political debate and which fuels populist and far-right politics across Europe.

About the European Journalism Centre
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