The Retina LTD event brings together experts working at the forefront of digital transformation


El evento Retina LTD reúne a expertos de la transformación digital para dar comienzo a la era postdigital
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On the very same day that the Internet turned 50, the Retina LTD event, organized by EL PAÍS, looked at both the achievements and challenges of digital transformation. The event, held at Madrid’s Reina Sofía Museum, was aimed at leaders of major companies from around the world. Together, they shared their experiences, success stories and gave details on where they are investing their research efforts.

Digital disruption has profoundly changed how humans interact, as well as how we use language, which has been forced to embrace a whole range of new concepts. And digital transformation has far from run its course – indeed, the opposite is true. In fact technology and the new digital business models are now so internalized, that they no longer seem remarkable.

Within this new context, the latest edition of Retina LTD sought to foster a more critical global debate so as to better understand the opportunities available to organizations in this new environment. So, while digital transformation is indeed necessary, it is not on its own sufficient to guarantee the success of an organization.

Environmental sustainability, one of the main themes of the event, was addressed by the acting Minister for Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, who was interviewed by the editor-in-chief of Cinco Días and deputy chief editor of EL PAÍS, Miguel Jiménez. She stressed the need to strike “a balance” between production and respect for the planet: “There are already enough advantages to be reaped just from merely thinking about how to deal with this issue." The minister commented on the change in mentality with regard to the role that ecology plays in companies today: “The idea is now taking root, even if it was initially hard to get the ball rolling.” She said it was a “strategic error” to ignore demands that arise from society itself: “Bringing about all these changes is not so simple. But we must build the path that will allow us to make this possible.”

The event, held on Tuesday, October 29 with the support of Telefónica and Grupo Santander and sponsored by Abertis, Accenture, Renfe and Prosegur, also addressed the key issue of training and awareness-raising across businesses as a whole. As Telefónica CEO María Jesús Almanzor explained: “You have to know in the long term what you want to be and it’s essential that digital transformation is part of your strategic plan. We cannot implement this plan if it is not undertaken across the entire company.”

Once again, the innovative nature of Retina LTD attracted attendees from a wide and varied range of sectors. “Few events deal with so many current issues focused on the business world and can boast such heavyweight speakers. It is a format that brings together leading experts and the chief players from different sectors,” said Gonzalo Lamas, from the financial consulting firm Hill & Knowlton.

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