Top British Council award for Richmond Brazil’s innovation


Santillana Brazil is celebrating winning the British Council’s Excellence in Course Innovation prize at the ELTons Awards. The top award went to Students for Peace, a book published in Brazil by Grupo Santillana’s Richmond imprint, and written by Eduardo Amos. The ELTons are awarded annually by the British Council in London and are aimed at honoring the best products for teaching English.

The prize was awarded on June 14, and Richmond was joined at the ceremony by other publishers who were runners up in the same category: Oxford, Macmillan, National Geographic, Cambridge and Pearson.

Students for Peace competed with 115 other projects for the top prize. It was the first time in the Awards’ 14-year history that educational material published in Brazil has won this award.

More than an English course

Students for Peace is a four-level English series for secondary school students. What sets it apart is that it fosters English language learning through the concept of education for peace, providing learners with social skills such as listening to others, being tolerant of different views, and respecting others in a diverse, inclusive and collaborative environment.

Students For Peace consists of a print book, which is accompanied by digital material, including a social learning network, where students can publish, comment and share work and suggested activities. Students for Peace promotes dialogue – and its excellence in innovation has now been rightly recognized.


Behind every big award, there is always enormous human effort. The editorial director of Richmond Brazil, Sandra Possas, would like to thank the author and the entire editorial team involved, who together put English language learning on the map of global education.

Congratulations to all!


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