What does every student have in common?


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Santillana is convinced that everyone has a special talent for something, and that educators play a key role in helping children to discover, develop and realize the full potential of their talents in the course of their school life.

With "Awaken their potential" teachers will discover stories of talent that will inspire them and give them the opportunity to share dynamics that will help them to awaken the full potential of their students. As the campaign video shows, talent can take many forms and arise in many different contexts

Everyone has TALENT!

As a quick tool to help better recognize and take full advantage of talent, Santillana has created a mini "Talent Guide", which helps teachers to recognize different types of talent: evident, hidden and potential; enables them to identify where this talent might excel (artistic, social, physical, creative…;  and, above all, shows how to best go about nurturing the talents all around us.

The website of "Awaken their potential" features videos with first-hand experiences of teachers, who share their 'Stories of talent'. Teachers can also access different dynamics to discover, inspire and develop their students’ talents, including a series of downloadable worksheets for students on a range of different aspects such as: 'Talent Corner', which fosters the development of untapped student abilities – ones they themselves may not even realize they have; and 'Surprise, surprise', with class dynamics for the self-discovery of innate talents, among others.


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