El País

El País

EL PAÍS is the top-ranking Spanish-language media outlet, with more than 65 million readers across all its editions. Founded in 1976, it sets the gold standard for news, independence and innovation. Thanks to a continuous process of transformation, the newspaper can now be consulted in a wide range of formats and narrative styles: from text to virtual reality, and from video to interactive graphics. It has 2 million followers across the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube) and the average number of video views is 78 million monthly.

EL PAÍS is also the most influential online medium in the Spanish-speaking world, with 56.6 million unique users per month worldwide (PC + Mobile WorldWide). 63% of this audience is international traffic, with Latin America accounting for 80% of this traffic and the US 11%.

More than 300 journalists work round the clock to keep the four online editions of the newspaper permanently updated: Spain, America, Brazil and elpais.cat, the edition of the newspaper in Catalan. The paper has newsrooms in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Mexico, Washington and Sao Paulo and one of the most complete networks of correspondents and collaborators in the world.

EL PAÍS offers a wide range of quality products to its readers: Materia, the section for science and technology news; Verne, which brings together and shares all the most interesting stories; Planeta Futuro, which covers sustainable development; EL PAÍS Economía, which brings together the very best in business and finance news from EL PAÍS, Cinco Días and Retina; EL PAÍS English Edition, an English-language edition that offers a wide-ranging and in-depth insight into Spain and current affairs; and a section on all the latest trends geared towards a younger readership.

At the weekend, EL PAÍS offers even more, with ICON, a men’s lifestyle magazine; Buenavida, on healthy and sustainable lifestyles; S MODA, a women’s lifestyle, fashion and beauty title; and Retina, the go-to magazine for technology.

Magazines and Supplements


Men's lifestyle magazine packed with great stories, great photographers, humor and some the country's top writers. It is distributed with EL PAÍS on the first Saturday of each month and is also sold separately at newsstands from the first Sunday of each month.

S Moda

Women's magazine aimed at real, modern, urban, and sophisticated women. It is distributed free with EL PAÍS on the third Saturday of each month and is then sold separately at newsstands from the third Sunday.

El País Semanal

A magazine featuring great reports, in-depth interviews and top writers, always accompanied by high-quality photography. It is distributed with EL PAÍS on Sundays.



Retina is a magazine on digital transformation that offers readers an insight into ways that technology is changing the world, from the economy and business to art or how we relate to each other. It is distributed free of charge with EL PAÍS on the fourth Saturday of each month and can be purchased separately at newsstands from the following Sunday.


The big current affairs stories of the week are discussed at length every Sunday, with rigor and passion.


The salmon-colored supplement brings the very best in business and finance news to readers of EL PAÍS every Sunday


Literature, music, theater, essay and critical thinking are brought together every Saturday in EL PAÍS acclaimed cultural supplement.


This magazine sets the standard for publications in Spanish on health and sustainable lifestyles. It comes free with EL PAÍS on the second Saturday of each month and is then sold separately at newsstands from the second Sunday.


Supplement analyzing all the latest news from the automotive world, on the second Saturday of each month.

Guía del Ocio

Madrid’s best entertainment guide, featuring great ideas for the week ahead, comes out every Friday. What’s more, on the last Friday of every month, the guide comes up with the best ideas for spending time with children in the Guía del Ocio Niños.

El Viajero

Every Friday with EL PAÍS, this comprehensive travel supplement brings readers new destinations, routes and reviews. There’s room for all types of travel here, from the beaten tourist track to the most exclusive resorts, and there are tips, advice and all the latest travel news. Also available online.


Every Thursday, EL PAÍS’S  edition in Barcelona, Valencia and the Balearic Islands publishes this cultural supplement in Catalan. Quadern features reports on the cultural scene, reviews – from television to the great literary classics – as well as books, architecture, art and film.



Monthly magazine offering a unique outlook on current thinking and ideas, with contributions from authors and thinkers on the global cultural scene.

Shopping & Style

Shopping & Style

This high-quality magazine seeks to set the standard for women’s lifestyle titles. It is available on the last Thursday of each month with EL PAÍS and is aimed at the professional woman for whom image is crucial and who is eager to keep up to date on fashion, technology and all the latest trends.

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