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El PAÍS and Google, together in Retina towards the digital transformation


El PAÍS y Google, juntos en Retina para la transformación digital

Google, the big technological company, a world reference in innovation, is working with the Retina movement, El País's digital transformation platform. Starting today, Google participates in the world's biggest Spanish-speaking community around innovation, technology and new businesses. The alliance has as its main goal the opening of positive debates with different points of view on how to make our society more advanced and competitive. To that end, we will develop a strategic narrative that covers the key points of digital transformation and its impact, that will take form in several events throughout one year, addressing, among other things, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, education, cloud computing, digital policies and competences, as well as multiple subjects within the platform, regarding the present and the future of technology. 


Along these subjects being addressed in panels and debates, training workshops or After Works, there will be a main event in tha fall. It will consist of an encounter with business leaders from throughout the world, directed to board members of the main Spanish companies in order to share experiences with agents for change in different organizations. Also, in December, Retina will present the findings of the Trends Observatory for 2018, with the participation of 50 experts. 


As Juan Luis Cebrián, president of El País, said: "Media companies and big tech companies must work closely together in building the digital society. This agreement with Google will. Allow us to progress towards understanding it, as well as building new principles and significants and educating the new generations in view of the challenges for the foreseeable future". 


In the Retina portal, readers will also be able to access free training courses in digital skills within the Activate program, developed by Google, as well as finding contents on trends and analyses of the digital market, articles on the impact of technology on several industries, how businesses are changing and success stories, to name a few things, in collaboration with ThinkwithGoogle, a Google site specialized in Insights and digital marketing. We hope that this collaboration will bring the importance of the current digital transformation closer, a phenomenon that we are experiencing and are going to face in the years to come, so that we can have a rich debate on how to prepare ourselves for change. 

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