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Google backs AS’s innovation project Football Data Suite


AS and Google have teamed up to improve digital journalism. The multinational is to support the multimedia project Football Data Suite. Funding will be provided by the Innovation Fund of the Digital News Initiative (DNI), an alliance of the US company and European news media. The joint project is aimed at supporting innovation and new formats in digital news and journalism. In this second round of funding, € 24 million will be allocated to 124 projects in 25 European countries.

Football Data Suite (which has received 450,000 euros) is a system that aims to organize and analyze multiple historical and real-time data, thereby enabling newsrooms to enhance their content before, during and after matches. The data will be distributed in multiple formats and for various channels.

Spain has received a total of 2,109,805 euros in this round of financing that will go towards 10 projects from a wide and varied range of companies. In all, more than 800 projects from 25 countries applied for funding, and of the 124 projects to be financed, 43 demonstrate a spirit of collaboration and partnership.

The Digital News Initiative is a €150 million initiative aimed at fostering new thinking and giving European news organizations (regardless of their size) the chance to try out new things, as well as experiment and innovate in the digital space.

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