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Inditex, Libelium, Via Celere and BeOnChip win the Cinco Días Awards for Business Innovation 2017


The awards will be presented on November 16 at 8pm at CaixaForum Madrid

The winners of this years’ Cinco Días Awards for Business Innovation have been announced. It is the tenth edition of the prizes. Libelium has won the prize for the Most Innovative Business Initiative in the field of New Technologies for creating an open, horizontal and interoperable platform based on wireless sensors and aimed at the Internet of Things. It allows for compatibility between integrators in systems, as well as among software companies and Cloud servers. The jury lauded the investment in R&D as well as the platform’s presence in more than 120 countries. They highlighted its numerous success stories in sectors such as agriculture, industry and health and its real potential to protect the environment, protect populations from natural disasters and advance the management of smart cities, among many other applications.

The award for the Most Innovative Business Initiative in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility went to Via Celere for its project Espacio Fácil (Easy Space), designed to help people with intellectual disabilities.This a center for research, evaluation, design and adaptation of buildings and aims to transform them into understandable and accessible spaces that may be easily navigated by anyone. The jury praised the originality of the project and its impact on an everyday problem that affects more than 300,000 people in Spain.

The award for the Most Innovative Business Initiative in Association with a University was given to BeOnChip, a spin-off of the University of Zaragoza, for the development of new tools in the field of cell culture and which represents a significant advance in the process of vitro / in vivo experimentation. By getting closer to the functioning of cells in a living being, they can offer more realistic conditions for testing – thereby reducing costs and animal experiments.

Finally, the company Inditex was honored with the prize for Most Outstanding Track Record for its constant technological innovation in key areas of its sector – such as production and logistics – which has enabled it to consolidate its position as world leader in the field of fashion and achieve exceptional growth. This is a clear case of great business success implemented via an exemplary process of digital transformation.

The awards will be presented on November 16 at 8pm at CaixaForum Madrid, with the support of Repsol and CaixaBank.

The jury for this year’s awards was made up of Ricardo de Querol, editor-in-chief of the newspaper Cinco Días, who served as president of the jury; Inés Juste Bellosillo, president of the Association of Family Enterprises and president of Grupo Juste; José Carlos Díez, economist; Efrén Miranda, President of the Club of Entrepreneurship;  Jorge Rivera, editor in chief of EL PAÍS; Javier Moreno, editorial director of Grupo Prisa; Rosa García, CEO of Siemens in Spain; Elena Gómez del Pozuelo, president of the Spanish Digital Economy Association; and Pedro Zuazua, communications director of PRISA Noticias, who served as secretary without voting rights.




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