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Javier Monzón is appointed chairperson of PRISA’s Board


Javier Monzón

Manuel Polanco will chair the Boards of Santillana, Diario El País and PRISA Radio

PRISA Chairperson Manuel Polanco has asked the Board of Directors to appoint the current deputy Chair, Javier Monzón, as his successor in the post. The Board of Directors has, meanwhile, approved that Group subsidiaries Santillana, Diario El País and PRISA Radio appoint Manuel Polanco as Chair of their respective Boards of Directors. The appointments, which will be effective as of January 1, 2019, have been approved unanimously.

Javier Monzón said that "it has been an honor to collaborate with Manuel Polanco as deputy Chair and I hope that I shall continue to enjoy the trust of our shareholders and Board members". Manuel Polanco explained that "it has been an enormous satisfaction to chair the Board during this period of consolidation for PRISA as it moves forward. I’m happy that I’ll remain closely linked to the Group,” he added.

Both Mr. Polanco and Mr. Monzón expressed their satisfaction with the path followed by the Group and the performance of its businesses over this past year, as well with plans that have been developed and that are in the process of being implemented by the management team under the leadership of PRISA's chief executive Manuel Mirat.

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