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Librotea adapts to readers’ needs


Librotea, EL PAÍS’s book recommendation platform, has been given a complete overhaul to put the community of readers center stage and to hierarchize all content in a way that is more visual and useful for the user. Librotea’s vocation remains the same: that of facilitating book recommendations among users via a digital platform. But it goes much further and now becomes a specialized website where users can find new books, view suggested titles and authors depending on what’s topical or in the news, and share their own recommendations with the rest of the Librotea community.

From now on, users’ bookshelves, especially the most active, will feature on Librotea’s front page. An alert system will also inform users whenever there’s a comment on a book from their shelves, when a new person follows them, and whenever content is published on topics that interest them.

With this new hierarchical organization of content, Librotea becomes a website with specialized content cataloged by subject, with special featured content every day, plus new books and reading recommendations. What’s more, from now on the shelves of Librotea include video content.

Librotea is a community of readers (more than 35,000 currently registered) which every day features new content: bookshelves filled with recommendations from top writers, filmmakers, musicians, journalists, scientists, philosophers... In short, inspirers who exclusively share their lists of favourite books and titles.

What’s more, the community of Librotea readers create their own shelves, make comments and share on social media for the benefit of other readers.

Librotea is convinced of the real value of recommendations made directly by people for whom reading and books are a passion. Compared to other models of recommendation based on algorithms, this digital platform champions the age-old tradition of word of mouth.

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