The second annual Ondas World Podcast Awards garner 1,178 submissions


  • The 65 nominees will be announced on February 1 – and the winners will be revealed in March.
  • The awards, organized by PRISA Audio and Cadena SER, will be handed out at a gala ceremony in May.


The second edition of the Ondas World Podcast Awards, organized by PRISA Audio and Cadena SER, has garnered a total of 1,178 official submissions from 18 countries. That’s a 25% increase in the number of those vying for the prizes – just one year after the inception of these awards.

The final 65 nominees for the Awards will be announced on February 1 at the Hall of Mirrors of the Malaga City Council chambers at 11:00, at an event attended by representatives of the institutions supporting the awards: Malaga Town Hall, the Andalusian Regional Government and the Malaga Provincial Council.

A total of 1,178 projects or works have been submitted for the awards, some in more than one category, of which there are 15 in total. These fall into three broad groups.

In the General category, there are 648 official contenders, including for Best Conversational Podcast with 238 hopefuls, Best Narrative Nonfiction Podcast with 175 entries, Best Fiction Podcast with 74, Best Branded Podcast with 58, Best Experimental Podcast with 49, Best Podcast in a Co-official language of Spain with 31, and Best International non-Spanish-language Podcast with 23.

Meanwhile, there are 53 submissions to the Specific category: 116 for Best Episode; Best Screenplay, 103; Best Sound Production and Design, 78; Best Production, 75; Best Actor, 53, and Best Host,105.

In the Special category, the jury itself has drawn up a list of nominees for best newcomer podcast and most outstanding contribution to the industry in Spain and Latin America This category will also honor Best Podcast of the Year, awarded at the 68th edition of the Ondas Awards.

The winners will be announced in mid-March of this year while the awards gala is due to be held in May, with the exact date and venue to be announced shortly. Nominees and winners will be selected by a jury made up of experts from the world of audio, communications and the creative industries.


A PRISA Audio commitment 

The Ondas World Podcast Awards, organized by PRISA Audio and Cadena SER, have quickly become the key event dedicated exclusively to this sector in the Spanish-speaking world. The second annual outing of the event seeks to pay tribute to the most outstanding projects in this sector over the course of 2022.

The first ever edition of the awards, held in 2021, featured 888 official submissions from 15 countries. The awards are an offshoot of Radio Barcelona's Ondas Awards, which have been held since 1956 and are widely considered to be the most prestigious radio and television awards in Spain.

The awards are testament to the commitment of PRISA Audio, PRISA's transversal platform that integrates all the non-linear audio content of the company (EL PAÍS, AS, Cadena SER, Podium Podcast, Cadena DIAL and LOS40) and the stations in Latin America (W Radio, Caracol Radio and ADN Chile).


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