Los 40 Principales debuts new brand reflecting a renewed strategic vision and its transformation towards digital entertainment globally


On the 50th anniversary of its launch,  Los 40 Principales, the iconic Top 40 music brand and Spain’s radio audience leader, is reinventing itself to reflect its internationalization and transformation towards digital and audiovisual entertainment.

"In view of the enormous changes in the way consumers listen to music and radio, we have developed a new strategic vision and brand that seeks to position Los 40 Principales globally as leader for digital entertainment, audiovisual content and music events," explains Nicolás De Santis, president of strategic consultancy Gold Mercury International, based in London and responsible for developing this new vision to reposition Los 40 Principales.


The new brand communicates the renewed vision for digital entertainment and includes a major change in name, which becomes LOS40. The word 'Principales' is being dropped because LOS40 is so much more than a chart list. The new brand logo for LOS40 is a multicolor ribbon effect take on this iconic brand and symbolizes the connection between cultures, diversity, global music and entertainment without borders, thereby representing the brand’s true international presence. The ribbon also suggests connecting and bonding between different generations, who together enjoy music, content and events.

"LOS40 is our most international brand with a presence in 11 countries and with great potential for development and growth globally in musical entertainment. In view of the huge generational changes in the way our consumers listen to music, radio and content, we have developed a new strategy that focuses on expanding our digital scope, creating new and innovative content to meet our users’ needs at all hours and times of the day," says Andrés Cardó, CEO of PRISA Radio.

According to Sandra Rotondo, head of Music at PRISA Radio, “as leaders, we are required to develop a new strategy towards a more digital and modern brand; one that will win over new audiences and consumers and be more attractive to our advertisers".


LOS40 is convinced that music and entertainment are part of all of our lives. And the new slogan,  "Music Inspires Life" aims to promote the power of music to create positive change in the world – part of the new brand mission of LOS40.

"The word 'music' comes from the Greek Muses, the Greek goddesses who inspired the arts, with music as a coherent combination of sounds and silences based on fundamental principles of melody, harmony and rhythm. MUSIC INSPIRES LIFE reflects the origin of the word and the critical role of music in our lives as an element of inspiration and emotional reflection," said Nicolas De Santis, president of Gold Mercury International.

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