Mario Vargas Llosa: exclusive interview on PRISA Radio



On Monday 28, the group’s spoken-word radio stations broadcast "Selfie: the facets of a Nobel."

On Monday, March 28, to mark the 80th birthday of the writer, PRISA Radio’s spoken-word stations broadcast the program "Selfie: the facets of a Nobel", led by Javier Torres, in which the writer spoke of himself and in which listeners discovered more about four distinct of facets of Mario Vargas Llosa: the writer, the politician, the man and the committed intellectual.

As well as going into details about his craft as a writer, the author also addressed other issues such as nationalism, the attempts on his life, his public life and the gossip press.

All the details on "Selfie: the facets of a Nobel" are now available in a special section with audio and video of the program in full.

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