Nominees are announced for the 2nd edition of the Ondas World Podcast Awards. They include ‘La firma de Dios, ‘Blum’, ‘Canción Exploder’ and ‘Los últimos días de Maradona’


The mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, center, together with the second vice-president of the Malaga Provincial Council, Natacha Rivas; the delegate of the Andalusian Regional Government in Malaga, Patricia Navarro; and the managing director of PRISA Audio, María Jesús Espinosa de los Monteros, accompanied by directors and representatives of PRISA at the announcement of the 65 nominees for the 2nd edition of the Ondas World Podcast Awards.

  • The 65 finalists across 13 Awards categories were announced at an official ceremony in Malaga.
  • Around 25% of nominees come from independent producers; another 25% from media outlets, and around 50% from audio platforms or leading podcast producers in the Spanish-speaking world.
  • The winners will be announced in March, with the gala ceremony to be held on May 3 at the Soho CaixaBank Theater in Malaga.

The nominees for the second edition of the Ondas World Podcast Awards have been announced in Malaga. A total of 65 nominees across 13 categories are vying for the prestigious prizes that seek to pay tribute to excellence in the Spanish-language podcast industry, and include: La firma de Dios, Blum, Canción Exploder, Los últimos días de Maradona, AdolesZentes, Los papeles, Chapapote: la mancha del Prestige, Cada capa de l’atmosfera, and Artxipelagoa.

The nominees for the awards, organized by PRISA Audio and Cadena SER, were chosen from among 1,178 candidates from 18 countries – an increase of 25% in official submissions compared to the first edition. A quarter of the nominees come from independent producers, another 25% from media outlets and the remaining half from audio platforms or leading podcast producers in the Spanish-speaking world.

The jury, which is made up of experts from the world of audio, communications and the creative industries from different countries, made their announcement on Wednesday, February 1, during an official presentation held at Malaga City Hall. Attendees at the event included the city’s mayor, Francisco de la Torre, as well as representatives of the institutions supporting the event such as the second vice-president of the Malaga Provincial Council, Natacha Rivas,and the delegate of the Andalusian Regional Government in Malaga, Patricia Navarro. There were also representatives from Awards sponsors Amazon Music and Audible. They were joined by María Jesús Espinosa de los Monteros, managing director of PRISA Audio, and the heads of PRISA in Andalusia.

Also revealed at the event were the date and venue of the upcoming awards gala which, for the second consecutive year, will be held in Malaga, where the gongs will be handed out on May 3 at the Soho CaixaBank Theater.

María Jesús Espinosa de los Monteros opened proceedings, saying:“We are delighted to celebrate these awards for the second consecutive year in Malaga and Andalusia, a land that welcomed us last year with open arms for an overwhelmingly successful event and one that had a huge impact. Now in their second edition, the Ondas World Podcast Awards are already the leading event for the Spanish-language podcast sector, and here at PRISA Audio we are very proud to be the hosts”.

The second vice-president of the Malaga Provincial Council, Natasha Rivas, said that the Ondas World Podcast awards "are a great fit for the thriving, modern, tech-focused province that’s open to the world and that champions freedom." Rivas stressed that this international event is a great opportunity to promote the Costa del Sol as a destination and to promote the province as a hub for content creation and innovation.

Meanwhile, the delegate of the Andalusian Regional Government in Malaga, Patricia Navarro, celebrated the fact that the city is once again to be the stage for the awards, which goes to show, she said that this province "innovates, is enterprising, knows how to reinvent itself and is open to great ideas, which is the best way to progress as a society". After thanking Grupo PRISA for the initiative and its efforts to transform Malaga into a hub for Spanish-language audiovisual media, in collaboration with all the other institutions, the delegate added that these awards are also a "magnificent way of giving greater visibility to the Spanish-language podcast industry, while paying tribute to the work of all its professionals”.

The mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, was the last to speak and he too celebrated the fact that the city would be once again hosting the Awards, which, he said, “are yet another opportunity to increase the cultural and technological reputation of Malaga throughout the world, especially in regions where Spanish is spoken, and not merely where it is the first language”. De la Torre also compared the event to the prestigious Malaga Film Festival. “Just as the city is the capital of Spanish-language cinema, it is also now, for the second time, the capital of the Spanish-language podcast thanks to the Ondas Awards."

Craig Strachan, Head of Podcasts for Europe, Australia and New Zealand at Amazon Music, told attendees of the robust performance of the industry and reiterated his company's commitment to the Awards. According to Strachan,“Audio consumption in Spanish has increased exponentially in recent years and we are proud to be able to connect the public with their favorite podcasts, whether these are Amazon Exclusive content, from the Wondery catalog of shows, or popular episodes from Ser Podcast, Podium Podcast or El País. This year there’s a wonderful variety of content nominated for the Awards and I’m really looking forward to meeting the winners”, he added.

Senior Vice President and Head of Audible in Europe, Matthew Gain said: "We are delighted to support the second edition of these Awards, one of the most important awards for the sector in Spain and for the Spanish-speaking community. Our latest global study, Audible Compass 2022, showed significant growth in the consumption of audio entertainment formats in Spain, specifically 18% more than in 2021, which means that more than 70% of Spaniards regularly consume entertainment in audio format. Audio entertainment is on the rise in Spain and Audible is highly committed to continuing to provide content of high quality and celebrating the achievements of our industry.

Attendees and those following the event live on the Ondas Youtube account were informed that the winners in the 15 categories of the Awards will be announced in mid-March. In addition to the winners in the 13 nominee categories, the jury will also award two Special Awards based on merit: the Best Newcomer Podcast and the Special Award for Most Outstanding Contribution to the Industry

The Ondas World Podcast Awards have quickly established their reputation as the most important awards exclusively dedicated to this sector in the Spanish-speaking world. Last year 21 statuettes were handed out during the gala ceremony, held at Malaga's Soho CaixaBank Theater. On May 3, the second such gala will once again pay tribute  to the most outstanding podcasters, producers, writers, platforms, sound designers, actresses and actors of 2022.


The nominees

Best Fiction Podcast

AdolesZentes, from Audible and Dadá Films (Spain).

Princess of South Beach, from Sonoro and iHeart (Mexico).

Blum, from El Extraordinario (Spain).

La firma de Dios, from Podium Podcast (Spain).

El sonido del crimen, from Spotify and Podium Podcast (Spain).


Best Nonfiction Narrative Podcast

Chapapote. La mancha del Prestige, from SER Podcast (Spain).

Después de Ayotzinapa, from Adonde Media (Mexico).

Si no sabéis de mí, from Producciones del KO (Spain).

Revelaciones del bajo mundo, from El Colombiano (Colombia).

Los papeles, from TrueStory and El País Audio (Spain).


Best Conversational Podcast

Se regalan dudas, from Dudas Media Productions (USA-Mexico).

La vida y tal, from Podimo (Spain).

Arsénico caviar, from Podium Podcast (Spain).

La Cruda, from Spotify (Argentina).

Expertas en nada, from Podium Podcast Chile (Chile).


Best Branded Podcast

Volver a empezar, from Molo Cebrián for ACNUR (Spain).

Huesca 858. Los caminos de Santiago del Alto Aragón, from La Coctelera Music for the Diputación de Huesca (Spain).

La Gran D, from Podium Podcast for Valencia Capital Mundial del Diseño 2022 (Spain).

Cuenta Bosques, from Caracol Podcast for the Fundación para la Conservación y el Desarrollo Sostenible (Colombia).

Blum, from El Extraordinario for the Swiss tourist board (Spain).


Best Experimental Podcast

Canción Exploder, from Adonde Media (USA).

Un mundo maravilloso, from Spotify (Argentina).

Cada capa de l´atmósfera, from CCCB (Spain).

Azafata en Atacama, from Ochenta Podcast (France-Chile).

Crímenes. El musical, from El Extraordinario (Spain).


Best international non-Spanish Language Podcast

Articles Of Interest, from Perisphere Productions (United States).

Sorry About The Kid, from CBC Podcasts (Canada).

Punk in translation: Latin X Origins, from Fresh Produce Media for Audible (United States-Mexico).

Who Killed Daphne, from Amazon Music and Wondery (United States).

Inside Kaboul, from France Inter (France).


Best Podcast in a Co-official language of Spain

El silenci de la Rambla, from SER Catalunya (in Catalan).

ElMur, els noms de la memòria, from À Punt Media (in Valencian).

Artxipelagoa, from EITB Media (in Basque).

El Búnquer, from Catalunya Ràdio (in Catalan).

Cada capa de l'atmosfera, from CCCB (in Catalan).


Best Sound Design

AdolesZentes, from Audible (Spain).

Artxipelagoa, from EITB Media (Spain).

Ciudad Mágica, from Sonoro and Tenderfoot (Mexico).

Miguel Ángel Blanco. Aquellas 48 horas jamás contadas, from COPE (Spain).

Dentrísimo, from Spotify and Podium Podcast (Spain).


Best Screenplay

La firma de Dios, from Podium Podcast (Spain).

Gumaro de Dios, from Podimo (Mexico).

La Diabla, from Akorde Media (Colombia).

Los últimos días de Maradona, from Adonde Media and Spotify (Argentina).

Los papeles, from El País Audio and TrueStory (Spain).


Best Production

Los últimos días de Maradona, from Adonde Media and Spotify (Argentina).

El Hilo, from Radio Ambulante and Vice (Latin America).

Canción Exploder, from Adonde Media (Colombia).

Batman Desenterrado, from DC Comics and Spotify (Latin America).

Costa Nostra, from Amazon Music and La Maldita (Spain).


Best Episode

Superman en Chile, from Radio Ambulante (Chile).

La geopolítica en los dibujos animados, from the podcast Geopolítica Pop. From Spotify and El Orden Mundial (Spain).

38 luciérnagas, from the podcast Fugas. Anfibia Podcast (Argentina).

Seis días en la guerra: diario de una resistencia, from the podcast Un tema al día. From El (Spain).

Jorge Drexler – Silencio, from the podcast Canción Exploder. From Adonde Media (Colombia).


Best Actor or Actress

Blanca Lewin for Cisne Rojo, from Amazon Music and Emisor Podcasting (Chile).

Juan d'Ors for La firma de Dios, from Podium Podcast (Spain).

Miguel Herrán for Secuestro virtual, from Audible (Spain).

Vicky Luengo for Blum, from El Extraordinario (Spain).

Alfonso Herrera for Batman Desenterrado, from Spotify and DC Comics (Mexico).


Best Host or Hostess

Carles Porta in ¿Por qué matamos?, from Audible and True Crime Factory (Spain).

Cristina Mitre in El podcast de Cristina Mitre, from El podcast de Cristina Mitre (Spain).

Jorge Valdano in Los últimos días de Maradona, from Spotify and Adonde Media (Argentina).

Silvia Viñas and Eliezer Budassof in El Hilo, from Radio Ambulante and Vice (Latin America).

Íñigo Domínguez and Ana Fuentes in Hoy en El País, from El País Audio (Spain).


For further information, please contact or, or call the PRISA Communications Department on 680325881 and 636897717.

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