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  • Cadena SER gains ground on its rivals: boasting 4.8 million listeners, it has grown the fastest in the first quarter
  • 40 Principalesreinforces its position as the top music station with 2,900,000 listeners, followed by Cadena Dial with 2,305,000 listeners


According to the latest survey of media audiences in Spain (EGM), Cadena SER kicked off 2016 in the same vein as it ended 2015. It is the undisputed leader of Spanish radio and has gained ground in its rivals. SER attracted 4,808,000 listeners on Monday to Friday, attracting 296,000 (6.6%) more listeners than in the last survey, and practically two million more than COPE, second in the ranking. Onda Cero sees a decline in its audience in this survey to 1,899,000, while RNE had 1,336,000 listeners.

Thanks to this growth in audience, Cadena SER has extended its market share, which now stands at 39%: four out of 10 mainstream radio listeners in Spain tune in to Cadena SER.


SER tops the charts for both its news and entertainment programmes

This EGM survey found that the radio audience in Spain had grown at a time when the news agenda has been packed over the last few months. This was reflected by the audience in this edition of the survey as both Hoy por Hoy and Hora 25 (the leading news shows in Spain) saw listener numbers rise.

Hoy por Hoy achieved one of its best results with 3,272,000 listeners. Easily beating their rivals, Pepa Bueno and Gema Niega are ahead of Carlos Herrera on COPE who has 1,268,000 listeners. The lead over Carlos Alsina and Juan Ramón Lucas at Onda Cero is upwards of two million listeners every day.

Hora 14, hosted by José Antonio Marcos, is the most popular midday news show with an audience of 601,000. The weekend news programmes, with Esther Bazán at the helm, attracted 509,000 listeners on Saturdays and 250,000 on Sundays.

La Ventana also posted one of the highest gains in this edition of the EGM. Carles Francino’s show achieved close to an all-time record having attracted 15% more listeners than at year end: approaching a million listeners, 998,000 to be exact, and more than double the audience tuning in to Julia Otero at Onda Cero.

Cadena SER’s hallmark of focusing on news has also contributed to the improvement in the listening figures for Hora 25. Àngels Barceló gained listeners with around 1,300,000 per day (1,293,000 to be precise); close to half a million more than her main rival and almost a million more than the rest.

Javier del Pino’s show, A vivir que son dos días, also posted better figures and retains its position as the second most popular show in Spain. According to this latest EGM survey, 2,109,000 listeners tune in on Saturdays and 1,911,000 on Sundays.

Moreover, Hablar por Hablar (which celebrates its 25th anniversary) has 265,000 listeners; Oh Mi LOL!, 260,000; Contigo Dentro, 257,000; Acento Robinson, 398,000; SER Consumidor,220,000; SER Aventureros (also 25 years old), 244,000, Nadie Sabe Nada, 543,000; and Los Toros, 69,000 listeners. 


Sport, another of Cadena SER’s hallmarks; a segment in which it is also the clear leader

SER Deportivos, with Francisco José Delgado ‘Panojó’, attracted 466,000 followers. 

El Larguero also boasted an improvement in its figures compared to the last survey, with almost a million listeners: 953,000 to be exact. José Ramón de la Morena has topped the evening sports radio show charts in Spain for 21 years, featuring in the first ever survey in 1995. Since then, his leadership and position as a top sports presenter worldwide has been undeniable.

Ahead of major sporting events including UEFA Euro 2016 and the Olympics, when Carrusel Deportivo will take centre stage, the doyenne of sports radio in Spain, remains a strong leader, as underlined by the results of this EGM survey. The programme hosted by Jesús Gallego is the go-to show for Spaniards wanting to follow all the excitement of live sport on Saturdays and Sundays. Carrusel attracts almost a million and a half listeners on Saturdays and 1,646,000 on Sundays.

Carrusel Deportivo once again tops the charts for afternoon sports on the radio, even though its closest rival broadcasts two hours on Saturdays and two and a half hours on Sundays.


A chart topper for music too

40 Principales, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, still dominates the music radio rankings, well ahead of its rivals. It is also the second most popular radio station in Spain after Cadena SER.

40 Principales has reinforced its position as the top music station with 2,900,000 listeners, followed by Cadena Dial with 2,305,000 listeners. This leadership has been bolstered by more people tuning in to Anda Ya on 40 Principales and Atrévete on Cadena Dial.

Anda Ya, hosted by Dani Moreno, has 1,655,000 listeners, while ‘Lo + 40’, by Xavi Martínez attracts an audience of 310,000. The programme No te cortes, with Uri Sabat and Daniela Brume, has 74,000 listeners; Yu: no te pierdas nada, presented by Dani Mateo, 256,000; and Del 40 al 1 with Tony Aguilar, 1,405,000 followers.

Cadena Dialconsolidates its status as the second most popular music radio channel with 2,305,000 listeners. Atrévete, produced and presented by Jaime Cantizano, attracts an audience of 1,430,000.

Maxima FM has 539,000 listeners and Mucho Max, 221,000; M80 Radio has 505,000 followers, 80 y la madre, 201,000; Radiolé, 545,000; and Café Olé, 317,000 listeners.


Top of the online radio rankings as well

SER’s clear lead in analogue radio is reflected in the digital sphere. also heads up the online radio ranking with 4,200,000 unique visitors*. has 1,700,000 unique visitors* and also tops the digital music radio sector.


* Latest COM Score multiplatform figures for February 2016

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