PRISA Radio supports the project 'Lights for learning'


PRISA Radio supports Lights for learning, a project looking to provide more than 60.000 schools in Latin America, most of which are situated in limited access rural areas, with solar energy and internet access.

This initiative, leaded by the Ibero-American States Organization for Education, Science and Culture (OEI), was born within the framework of the Metas Educativas 2021 (Education Aims 2021) and looks to tackle problems yet to be resolved in Latin America, such as making quality public education more accessible to all children, helping them overcome poverty and social inequality.

Throughout 2012, the OEI will install pilot solar panels in at least 100 schools in each of the countries participating in Lights for learning, hoping to reach 60.000 schools lacking electricity by 2014. The governments of these countries will offer logistical and technical support for the development of the project.

These systems have a cost of 3.000 euros per school and therefore contributions by international organizations, private companies, educational centers and private donations are hoped for in order to help finance this project.

Sisterhood amongst schools

Moreover, within the framework of this PRISA Radio-supported initiative, the OEI will create a network between better-off schools in Ibero-america (mostly in Spain) and those that do not have lighting, in order to not only spread awareness amongst students about the educational situation Latin America has been living, but to plant the seed of long-term collaboration and solidarity amongst different educational centers.

Without a doubt, Lights for learning is a project for the entirety of society, a collective mission that looks to help thousands of school children throughout Latin America.

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