Cadena SER increases its audience by 5.6% to almost 5,000,000 listeners


SER, which this season has revamped its programs, continues to grow and sees its audience increase by 5.6%

 SER’s new schedules attract 262,000 new listeners compared to the previous quarter to reach 4,914,000 listeners. The broadcaster maintains its lead 24 hours a day

 SER is the station with the largest growth, compared to the previous quarter, and the network widens its lead over its nearest competitor

 SER’s new schedules attract new listeners. Leader in news and entertainment.

 The program Hoy por Hoy, directed by Pepa Bueno and Gemma Nierga now has more than 3.2 million listeners. This is the second best figure in the program's history. The lead over its closest competitor, Herrera en la Onda, now stands at more than a million listeners. With 3.227 million listeners, Hoy por Hoy reinforced its position as Spain’s leading radio news program, successfully topping the ratings for morning news schedules.

Hora 14, with José Antonio Marcos, also saw audiences up. Cadena SER’s lunchtime news program recorded a figure of 681,000 listeners. The weekend news, led by Esther Bazan, reported an audience figure of 363,000 listeners on Saturdays and 535,000 on Sundays.

 Carles Francino’s La Ventanawitnessed a spectacular climb in audience. Cadena SER’s revamped evening magazine-format show now boasts almost one million listeners. 971,000 people tune in daily  to Francino, almost double the figure of its nearest competitor. The program has attracted 139,000 new listeners.


Hora 25  with 1,337,000 listeners tuning in, is the ratings leader for nighttime news. Angels Barceló, unrivalled radio broadcaster in this time slot, has twice as many listeners as his closest competitor with his news program, which in 2012 celebrated its 40th anniversary.

 The new A vivir que son dos días with Javier del Pino is also an extraordinary hit with listeners, who have responded well to the program’s new format and its alternative perspective on current affairs. The show reported one of its best results ever on both Saturdays and Sundays. On Saturdays the program reaches 2,108,000 listeners and Sundays it recorded 1,812,000 listeners.

Macarena Berlin’s program is also up compared to the last quarter. Hablar por Hablar reached the figure of 485,000 listeners daily. El Mundo Today, presented by Juanra Bonet, had 160,000 listeners. The film program La Script, directed by Maria Guerra, has 197,000 listeners. Milenio 3 has 528,000 listeners, and Los Toros, with Manolo Moles, stands at 268,000 listeners.


Cadena SER: top of the league for sports

 Afternoon sports programming also achieved excellent results. SER Deportivos, presented by Jesus Gallego, has almost 500,000 listeners - three times as many as its closest rival.

 The flagship sports program El Larguero , which airs at night, continues to increase its audience. El Larguero, with José Ramón de la Morena, remains the benchmark for sports news and has widened its lead over its closest rival by more than 700,000 listeners. In total, the show has 1,167,000 daily listeners, giving it almost 18 uninterrupted years of audience lead.


Carrusel Deportivo, with Manu Carreño and Ponseti, continues to attract new listeners and widen its lead over rivals. Carrusel has 1,549,000 Saturday listeners, more than double its nearest competitor, and 2.175 million listeners on Sundays, also more than double its rival. Sunday’s broadcast has attracted almost 700,000 new listeners, opening a huge lead over the competition. The vast majority of Spaniards continue to follow the League on Carrusel..

 Top of the charts for music


40 Principales remains Spain’s favorite music station, with 3.844 million listeners.

 Cadena Dial andMáxima fm  continue to grow and both have set new audience figure records. Cadena Dial, the Spanish-language music station, has become the second most popular music station  in Spain, reaching 2,444,000 listeners, and dance music statio Maxima FM increased its audience too, reaching 836,000 listeners daily.

 M80 Radio  remains the favorite for adult contemporary music with 559,000 listeners.

 Radiolé is clear leader for Spanish popular and folk music with 493,000 listeners.



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