Becoming a PRISA supplier

Communications channels

In order to be PRISA supplier, we first require potential vendors to fill out an an application form that will be evaluated by the Corporate Procurement Department.

There is also a permanently open communication channel to PRISA at the following email address:


In accordance with the standards established by PRISA, and in compliance with the guiding principles of the Global Compact, suppliers will be asked by the Procurement Department to provide information regarding their position on Corporate Social Responsibility in the following areas:

  • Financial, fiscal and labor
  • Human rights
  • Environmental and Quality Management
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Compliance with existing laws in each country where they operate

Approved suppliers

Being an approved supplier of PRISA, will give you access to:

  • Ongoing purchasing and solicitation processes
  • Details of the specifications and conditions
  • The data on your company held by PRISA that are relevant to the negotiation and procurement processes
  • Social Responsibility Forms
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