Products and services

Below, we list the products and services that are typically acquired by PRISA companies. They may be broken down into the following main areas of activity:


Production area

Print and graphic services

Services and materials for preprint, print, binding, finish.

Suppliers for audiovisual production

Audiovisual duplication (CD, DVD, audio and video tape), technical photographic material and audio and video equipment.

Services for audiovisual activities and production

Services related to audiovisual production: costumes and makeup, sets, radio broadcasts, etc.


Pallets, cardboard, paper, plastic, (film reel canisters, etc.).

Other production materials

A range of different production materials.

Promotional material

Textiles, tableware, electronics, merchandising, etc.


Supply of utilities such as electricity, gas, fuel and water.

Security and risk prevention

Security services and prevention systems (waste and residues, protection against fire, protective equipment and gear, etc.).

Freelancers and other professional services

Legal advice, consulting, auditing, sales agents, professional associations, news and photo agencies, translators, recruitment, documentation services, subcontracting and outsourcing, etc.

Internal congresses and meetings

Organization of congresses and meetings.

Travel and trips

Transport and accommodation.


Civil responsibility, credit and suretyship, material damages, life and accident, vehicle, computer equipment, stock, multi-risk, etc.

Banking services

Banks and financial entities

General office material and services

Office material, corporate stationery, computer consumables, photocopies, etc.


Office furniture and accessories.

Courier and postal services

National and international courier and postal services.

Publications, subscriptions and daily press

Subscription services to different publications.

Human Resources

Services related to training (languages, IT, etc.), subcontracting part-timers, uniforms and work clothes, canteens and vending machines, medical services, benefits in kind (fuel and luncheon or meal vouchers), employee gifts such as Christmas hampers, and vehicle lease.

Advertising agencies

Creating and contracting in the area of advertising and marketing campaigns.

Market research

Market research and surveys, product studies.

Public Relations

Materials and services in the area of corporate image and merchandising, customer service, catering and events organization.


Services related to telephone land lines, mobile phones, data transmission, internet, satellite and broadcast-center communications, as well as other auxiliary services in the area of support and maintenance. Supply of associated equipment (video conferencing, telephones, network electronics, cables, etc.).

IT systems

Contracting hardware (PCs and printers, servers and accessories as well as associated maintenance services) and licenses for different software platforms. Subcontracting services in the areas of IT consultancy, web page construction and maintenance.

Technical and distribution services

Hosting/housing and streaming services.

Building and renovation work

Refurbishing and renovating buildings and offices.

Equipping and maintaining offices

Installation and maintenance involving electricity, air conditioning, elevators and cleaning services.

Equipping and maintaining industrial installations

Supply, repair and maintenance of machinery and industrial installations.



Fees, royalties and rights

Publishing, musical, promotional, intellectual and industrial property fees, rights and royalties.


Professional collaborators in the fields of audiovisual production, radio, television, publishing, events, internet, reporting and design.

Programmes and contents

Audiovisual rights; photographs, illustrations and stock photo agencies, music and recording, general and business information; broadband content.

Distribution of press and publications

Delivery to subscription-holders, national and international distribution.

Transport, freight and haulage

National and international air, land and sea freight.

Warehousing services

Services related to storage (treatment of unsold materials, preparation of orders, destruction, etc)

Other transport services

Removals and relocation services and transport of people.

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