Procurement policy

The Corporate Procurement Department is the gateway for all suppliers and manages relations with all companies in the group, thereby ensuring a procedure based on objectivity, transparency and non-discrimination, in keeping with the principles outlined in PRISA’s Ethical Code.

In its relations with its suppliers, PRISA will objectively and thoroughly evaluate any number of the following criteria, depending on the service / product in question:

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Lead times
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Level of service
  • National and international geographic range
  • Financial responsibility
  • Technical and production capacity

Procurement Process

As a general rule:

  • To participate in any procurement process, it is essential that the potential supplier be first approved and form part of the data base of suppliers.
  • All PRISA procurement processes begin when an invitation to tender is sent to approved suppliers that meet the required conditions.
  • Suppliers will receive electronic notification of their inclusion in the tendering process and they may then proceed to bid.
  • Once all the bids have been received, the Corporate Procurement Department will, by means of the online negotiation platform, launch a round of negotiations with those suppliers who have made the most attractive bids until an adjudication decision is made.
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