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PRISA Media and the Google News Initiative join forces to drive the digital transformation of marketing campaigns


  • PRISA Media develops REVEAL, a project that seeks to enhance interaction with audiences through AI and big data for a more personalized experience. 
  • The resulting click-through rate (CTR) of advertising campaigns is up by 111%.
  • PRISA Media has embarked on an ambitious digital transformation strategy that is committed to innovative solutions and products, while expanding its reach globally.

The creation of new advertising strategies and innovative solutions in response to the major disruptions sweeping across the digital advertising ecosystem is key to Grupo PRISA’s strategy, aimed at strengthening the value of its digital products and services and reinventing the global advertising market.

For the past eight months, PRISA Media, in collaboration with the Google News Initiative, has been focused on developing innovative targeted advertising experiences in two main areas.

Firstly, it has developed product innovations through native advertising formats and data models based on artificial intelligence and big data, which together have enabled PRISA Media to adapt to market demands and, as a result, increase the effectiveness and performance of advertising campaigns.

Secondly, it has focused on creating buyer personas and dashboards that help advertisers visualize the profile of their potential audiences. Not only does this make it easier for the advertiser to better tailor brand content and product development, but it also means that consumers of creative campaigns have a higher engagement rate as they are more likely to identify with the content.

PRISA Media has thus developed the REVEAL solution, which seeks to discover how audiences interact with content and advertising campaigns and then provides a self-service advertising tool that allows the design of native content customized ro customer demand.

Thanks to the immediacy and relevance of the resulting advertising campaigns, click-through rates (CTRs) are up by 111%. CTR measures the frequency with which users click after viewing an ad.

The project was developed by a team led by Jesús Aspra, Chief Digital Officer of Prisa Brand Solutions  – the Group's marketing division – together with his team members Manuel Castro, Marcin Janocha, Brice Février and Xavier Garrido.

PRISA Media’s managing director for Digital and Technology Solutions, José Gutiérrez, explained that “the combination of technology, data and audiences allows us to create solutions and products that maximize value in the digital environment and enhance mutual engagement between users and advertisers. PRISA has all the assets to successfully embrace the necessary digital transformation and offer truly innovative and comprehensive digital marketing and advertising solutions, on a global scale, just like the one we have just developed ”.

This collaboration is part of PRISA Media's commitment together with the Google News Initiative to work on transformative projects that foster the development of the sector and promote quality journalism.

Earlier this year, EL PAÍS was selected to join the second Google News Initiative (GNI) Subscriptions Lab. This is an initiative promoted by Google, FT Consulting, a boutique digital consultancy within the Financial Times, and the International News Media Association (INMA), and which seeks to promote the business of digital subscriptions using the analytical tools of the GNI and the know-how of a team of consultants from the Financial Times.



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