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PRISA redoubles its commitment to sustainability and creates a specific sustainability committee on its Board


PRISA’s board today voted to create a Sustainability Committee on its Board of Directors, with the aim of organizing and actively promoting the Group's sustainability strategy, as well as fostering good corporate governance policies and aligning the management of all of the company's operations with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


The new Committee, approved by the Board of Directors, joins the already existing Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee and the Appointments, Remuneration and Corporate Governance Committee. The Committee will be chaired by Maite Ballester, while group directors Carmen Fernández de Alarcón, Béatrice de Clermont-Tonnerre, Teresa Quirós and Miguel Barroso will be members.


With this latest move, PRISA seeks to take another step forward in its commitment to

sustainable growth and a fairer society, both through its media and its presence in the field of education, as well as through initiatives that enable decisive progress in the area of good corporate governance. The Group will also incorporate Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria into its financial strategy.


As part of its commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the Group has set out five SDGs as priorities, chiefly in areas where company operations have an impact: SDG 4, Quality education; SDG 5, Gender equality; SDG 8, Decent work and economic growth; SDG 13, Climate Action; and SDG 16, Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.


PRISA's commitment to environmental and social development has been at the very core of the Group since its inception. More than ten years ago, the company joined the UN Global Compact, the world's largest voluntary corporate sustainability initiative, and since 2013 the group has been a member of the Spanish Global Compact Network.


Last September, the Group launched the campaign #DejaBuenaHuella (Leave a Good Mark) across all its media. The Initiative was aimed at reaffirming the company’s commitment to the success of the 2030 Agenda, which was then celebrating its sixth anniversary.

In addition, as part of its commitment to compliance with the CNMV Code of Good Corporate Governance, the company is promoting a greater presence of women in decision-making bodies. Women currently make up 35.8% of the Board of Directors.

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