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Retina positions itself as the leading platform for tech news and trends in Spanish


  • Its content on innovation, technology and sustainability will be available on as well as across all PRISA Media titles
  • It’s also set to expand its successful line of events and its popular Retina Observatory

Transversal platform Retina continues to set the pace – and conversation – when it comes to news and shaping the agenda on trends, innovation, technology, sustainability, design and digital transformation in Spanish. Created in 2015 as a forum to explain the digital revolution, it is now undergoing a complete transformation that will better place it to provide answers to a public that is increasingly concerned about what’s going around them in the areas of technology and innovation – and how these impact sustainability. The platform will offer its own in-house content, analysis and experiences as well as a forum for debate.

The new website allows users to read, watch and listen to content that is key to understanding the changes sweeping the economy, politics, culture and society as a whole. There’s also analysis, reflection and opinion from a wide range of fields including engineering, philosophy, sociology and sustainability – all of which seek to keep people at the center of transformation. Retina will feature articles by key figures in the sector, who’ll be offering a multidisciplinary perspective on the future that is currently emerging. Retina content will be available on all PRISA Media titles (EL PAÍS, La SER, AS, Los40, AS and Cinco Días), and these will also be contributing content to the platform.

“Retina is a wide-ranging transversal editorial project here at Prisa Media embracing technology, innovation and sustainability, in text, audio and video. It seeks to set the global gold standard for these issues in Spanish and will work in continuous feedback with our news and media titles”, says Carlos Núñez, executive chairperson of PRISA Media.

The new website has been redesigned with its own, unique personal stamp. Simple and user-friendly, it puts audiovisual content center stage: this is a place to read, watch and listen. With this latest redesign, Retina seeks to stand out from the crowd, thanks to striking visuals and an enhanced user experience that work together to facilitate seamless and intuitive consumption of all narratives and on all devices for every kind of user.

"The new Retina is a transmedia platform where you can read, watch or listen in order to better understand the changes we are experiencing. This is space to discover possible futures, understand probable ones and imagine and build more desirable ones. There’s news, in-depth analysis, opinion and debate to help the reader make decisions in the face of unprecedented challenges. In a complex environment, in which we need context and meaning, Retina seeks to democratize what we might call the luxury of understanding", explains Jaime García Cantero, chief editor of Retina.

Retina will ramp up the number of events on digital transformation that it has been holding in recent years and that have come to set the standard in the sector. In 2022, major events will focus on the future of work, so-called deep tech (scientific and technological innovations that seek to improve the world), Spanish as the language of technology and science, and the trends that are transforming large companies.

The brand will also continue to forge ahead with the Retina Observatory, which brings together leading experts in innovation and technology in Latin America to identify major trends. Entrepreneurs, technology managers, innovation managers at large corporations, academics, politicians and intellectuals will continue to share their views on challenges and opportunities in the sector.

With the evolution of Retina, PRISA Media takes a new step forward in its organization based on transversal platforms, which simplify and offer improved efficiency to the company's organizational structure and give content a greater global scope and vision. May 2021 saw the launch of PRISA Audio, the platform that brings together all the Group’s podcast content, and July of the same year saw the debut of PRISA Motor, which encompasses all content from the automotive sector.

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