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The ÑH awards pay tribute to EL PAÍS design with 17 prizes


EL PAÍS, EL PAÍS_LAB, El País Semanal, Verne, Babelia and the illustrator Sciamarella are among this year’s big winners

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Santillana Activa is launched, a collection of titles that’s set to be key to understanding the learning revolution in the classroom


Santillana Activa lands at bookstores with six practical titles aimed at teachers who want to take full advantage of all the potential of the classroom and apply new methodologies.

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Spain’s Finance Minister, María Jesús Montero, addresses the Cinco Días Forum


The minister estimates that returning four years of mortgage-related tax would cost the regions EUR 5 billion

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Andreas Schleicher answers questions from teachers, students and families


In an increasinglydigitalized and automated world, our imagination, our awareness and our sense of responsibility will need to be able to take advantage of new opportunities if we are to make a better world.

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